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but we know a thing ‘er two about good grub and a great place to hang yer hat with some friends. Back in the olden days (pre-2001), the building was home to Pyramid Pizza and Carousel Clothing, two longtime Aggieville businesses. One eve ’round the campfire, four pardners (Julie Haynes, Randy Buller, Rob Goode and Jason Humes) decided to git together and make some good grub—and So Long Saloon was born.

While you’re smackin’ away on our tasty dishes, feast yer eyes on our scenery, too. So Long Saloon is home to a c. 1902–06 Brunswick San Juan bar made from mahogany and maple. It was purchased on eBay from the Frontier Hotel in Kemmerer, Wyoming—where the high-falootin’ cowboys would hang their hats for the night. Legend has it that it arrived there from Pabst Brewing Co.

The bar wasn’t always so pretty. Joe Newell of Clay Center, Kansas brought it back to its original glory after almost a year of restoration. His authority and knowledge of Brunswick products is worthy of any cowboy’s admiration.

‘Cross the campfire (or kitchen, if that’s what you want to call it) are some more of our favorites. We got letterpress posters from Yee Haw Industries, skeletons from Taos, and a mirror where you can check to see if you got cheese on your chin, made by Kendra Herring from Lawrence, Kansas.

In 2004, some cowboys from the Kansas Beef Council thought we had good grub. They awarded So Long Saloon with the Best Hamburger (Resist Temptation) and Best Beef Appetizer (Sliders).

In 2008 GO! 24/7, an entertainment newspaper awarded us a Silver Spork for Best Burger.

In 2013, The Best of Manhattan: Purple Apple Awards also thought we had good burgers. They said “…what makes So Long Saloon unique in Manhattan is its burgers.”

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